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Vasquez Rocks - Danielle and Nicholas One Year

We like to believe in every great artist's life there was someone who kept believing in them until they became the great artist everyone knows and loves.

Danielle and Nicholas are those people for us. Every year since the conception of vonMedicus Photography they have hired us to take various photos for them. Every year you can see our improvement through their photos, but this year blew all the rest out of the water.

Danielle is an Event Designer at SO Events here in Los Angeles and this year she out did herself with a beautiful table set up and flower arrangements. She also looks absolutely stunning herself in a beatiful gown from Lulu's.

The delectible cake is from Sweet Creations by Beth, our go to gâteau boulanger in Los Angeles.

We had such an amazing time capturing their one year anniversary for them. We're so glad to have them as friends and so thankful for everything they've done for us.

Happy Anniversary Danielle and Nicholas!